Emergency Response Initiative - September 2020

By Partners on August 27, 2020


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A massive explosion tore through Beirut, Lebanon on August 4th destroying the city and changing the course of thousands of families, businesses and institutions in Beirut and across Lebanon forever. Hundreds of lives were lost; over 5,000 injured, and approximately 350,000 residents lost their homes. This tragedy comes at the heels of a huge local economic crisis, almost a year of a nationwide civil uprising against government corruption, followed by the COVID19 pandemic, all of which, leading up to this humanitarian emergency crisis in the country.

In urgent response to this disaster, PartnersLebanon is partnering with a group of civil society experts who have volunteered to conduct rapid needs assessments in the areas impacted by the explosion, both directly (Jemmayzeh, Mar Mikhael, Karantina) and indirectly (Zkak El Blat, Basta, Ras el Naba, Borj Hamoud, Naba’a, Dawra). These are well-respected groups embedded in their communities, and who work with full transparency to make a meaningful difference, urgently.



Supporting Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs):

Small shops in Beirut’s old neighborhoods have, for the longest time, served as a greater part of the Lebanese economic cultural heritage and memory in their communities. They had already been suffering from the dramatically plunging economy only to receive a painful blow by the Beirut Explosion. Direct support is needed in the form of small funds to cover the immediate and urgent costs to restore and help them get back on their feet. Funds raised will be channeled through our partner NGO, The International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP), to the most affected shops identified by our team of volunteers working with the CISP team.

Supporting the Elderly Affected by the Disaster: 

Many elderly people live in the explosion affected areas. Their beautiful old houses, which fall under the UNESCO’s Act to preserve Lebanese Architectural Heritage, have been badly affected and face grave danger of being demolished. While special funds are already allocated by other large NGOs and Embassies to restore these houses and provide decent living for their elderly owners, other elderly people living in other impacted areas are left unattended. Those do not necessarily live in architectural heritage preserved houses, but are, nevertheless, affected by the explosion (broken doors, windows, roofs, etc.) and are, thus, in need of urgent care and support.

For this purpose, our fundraising campaign includes providing assistance to this population.  The proceeds will be directed to the most affected elderly and single-mother households identified through our collaboration with CISP and partner civil society organizations on the ground who work with these marginalized communities.

Supporting Affected Local Artists: 

Jemmayzeh and Mar Mikhael were the epicenter of many small art galleries and studios for artists struggling to produce and preserve the cultural arts scene in the area. These artists and galleries suffered huge material losses. As PartnersLebanon’s primary mission is to support Cultural Arts in all its forms, and in order to prevent the annihilation of one of Beirut’s significantly authentic art communities, we are targeting Lebanese artists residing in Jemmayzeh and Mar Mikhael areas to help them get back on their feet. The proceeds will be channeled to the artists themselves identified on the ground in collaboration with our partner Perspectivity.

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During the COVID-19 outbreak, vulnerable communities around the globe need support more than ever. In efforts to fundraise for said communities, DJ Bassam Haddad launched, “In My House”, a series of live-streamed house sessions by DJ Bassam.

As the music moves its listeners to dance in their home-quarantine, we hope that it will also move listeners to donate what they can to support those suffering from the impact of this pandemic. For each session played, DJ Bassam will donate $200 to the organization being promoted for that session. This week’s live-stream, “!يا واد يا تقيل Arabic Dance Classics 60s & 70s” will benefit the PartnersLebanon: United We Stand For Lebanon Campaign.

Watch this weeks live-stream at facebook.com/bhaddad2 or facebook.com/jadaliyya

To learn more about this and every live stream session, visit: https://www.inmyhouse.live/

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