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Jonathan Davidson

Former Senior Advisor, European Union Delegation of the European Commission

Jonathan DavidsonMr. Davidson is an international consultant, adjunct Professor at The Johns Hopkins University and The American University, Chair of the Board of Directors of Partners for Democratic Change, and Member of the Board of Directors of the Council for a Community of Democracies.

From 1991-2006 Davidson was Head of Academic affairs and later Senior Adviser for Political and Academic Affairs at the European Commission Delegation in Washington DC. In the foreign policy area, his responsibilities included representing EU policy to the U.S. Administration and the non governmental foreign policy community, and reporting to EU headquarters on foreign policy and security developments in the U.S. Issue areas included security policy, Central and Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, the Middle East, and Eurasia. In the academic area his responsibilities included liaison with universities in the United States, supporting the study and teaching of European Union affairs, including establishing a network of EU Centers, financially supporting EU and transatlantic policy studies in think tanks and public policy institutes, and organizing information networks to promote understanding of the European Union. He ran international videoconferences on European Union affairs and EU US relations.

He delivered numerous public presentations (about 2-3 per month on average) to think tanks, universities and public forums around the U.S., on subjects including a wide range of EU institutional and policy issues, EU constitutional developments, EU enlargement, and EU relations with the U.S., the Western Balkans, Turkey/Cyprus, the Black Sea Region, and the Middle East.

Davidson represented the University of South Carolina (USC) in Washington from 1981 to 1991, as Director of the USC Washington Office; Special Assistant to the President for International Programs; and Visiting Professor. He organized international conferences for the University, including a series of workshops and videoconferences on the European Community, and lectured on European Community topics. He was responsible for federal relations and represented USC in national higher education and research organizations.

Davidson served in the British Diplomatic Service from 1963 1981 in London, India, Thailand, Senegal and the United States. At the British Embassy in Washington he was responsible for congressional relations and U.S. political affairs (1975-79), and was head of information and press relations (1979-81).

Publications include: Critical Needs in Education, U.S. International Education Advisory Board (1983); What are the Issues in the U.S. Withdrawal from UNESCO, UNESCO National Commission (1985); Title VI of the Higher Education Act and The National Endowment for Democracy in To Strengthen the Nation's Investment in Foreign Languages and International Studies, American Council on Education (1986); The Post Cold War Context: The Contributors Dialogue in Perspective, in After the Cold War: The Morality of Nuclear Deterrence Westview,1990; The European Community in the Nineties (editor), EC Delegation, 1992; One Market, Many Openings: Europe Unifies its Economy, Forum for Applied Research and Technology, 1994; The European Union: A Guide (editor), EC Delegation, 1994, revised 1999.

Davidson obtained his M.A. degree in history, from Cambridge University, U.K., in 1965.
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