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Partners in the Americas

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Partners' six affiliated Centers for Change and Conflict Management in Latin America work with government, civil society, and business to facilitate consensus on contentious issues, resolve disputes, and create more effective public-private partnerships. The Centers' areas of expertise include security sector reform and human rights, access to justice, municipal governance, anti-corruption, climate change, indigenous rights and natural resource management.

The Partners network is active regionally, for example, Partners previously implemented the Sustainable Connections for Sustainable Development initiative and led the multi-country program Catalysts for Democratic Change in the Americas Program from 2008-2010. In addition to cooperation with other centers in the network, Partners has expanded its programming in the region to include juvenile justice system reform and rule of law work in Guatemala, as well as conflict resolution and violence prevention programming that facilitates dialogue and understanding between youth and police in Belize.

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*Members of Partners for Democratic Change International

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