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Partners provides expert training and consulting services to a wide range of organizations, government agencies and corporations. As global leaders in participatory decision-making, Partners provides the tools for generating sustainable solutions to today's complex problems.

Country, Conflict & Stakeholder Assessment
Because Partners specializes in working at the intersection of the public, NGO, and private sectors, our assessments synthesize multiple points of view and offer a useful alternative to “stovepipe” assessments of single projects or sectors.
Design, Monitoring & Evaluation
Partners works closely with clients to produce quality design, monitoring & evaluation products that stress learning outcomes and broad stakeholder engagement
Whether in civil society, government, business or other sectors, everyone requires skills to facilitate good communication, collaboration and inclusion of all stakeholders.
Facilitation & Process Design
"Facilitation" means to make a process easier or smoother. Bringing in diverse people and varied opinions to a decision-making process comes with the potential for greater conflict, delay, and frustration. Partners facilitation experts smooth the process of working together by setting up a safe environment for effective communication.
U.S. government agencies can quickly engage Partners’ services through a simplified procurement process using the following indefinite quantity contracts (IQCs)
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Youth as Peacemakers in Tribal Yemen

Supporting young men and women in Yemen to realize their potential as conflict mediators, advocates, and community leaders.

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One Year in the Voluntary Principles: A Practical Report

After one year as a member of the NGO pillar of the Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights, PDCI shares a report on how we have been helping translate high-level dialogue between extractive businesses, governments, and civil society into concrete improvements for local communities.

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In Memoriam- Amb. Samuel Lewis

Partners would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Ambassador Samuel W. Lewis. Sam served on our board for 14 years and was a big part of our growth and success. He was always a voice for caution and realism and made us think about our work and programs critically. He will be missed greatly.

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