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Inclusive Societies

We believe a strong, democratic society embraces diversity and systematically respects the rights and dignity of all.

ParBulgarian kidtners works with youth, minority, disabled and women leaders to break down barriers to their full participation in community and national decision-making processes. We couple leadership training with support for organizational development and practical applications, such as working with local government and police to improve cultural awareness, sensitivity and cooperation with minorities; and promoting tolerance among youth through school-based peer mediation programs.

Our participatory processes (such as Inter-group Conciliation) increase participation by marginalized groups, creating new channels for communication and overcoming stereotypes.  By valuing diversity, they harness the potential of different ideas, opinions and skills, building more sustainable solutions and fostering a sense of belonging and community across boundaries.

Partners' expertise in this area includes:

  • Ethnic Integration & Reconciliation
    Partners' work with ethnic and other minority groups builds leadership skills, organizational viability, and community relationships necessary to build a sense of a sense of belonging, participation, inclusion, recognition and legitimacy. This includes setting up mediation services, strengthening representation in local government, and improving education, housing and employment opportunities. More...
  • inclusion picYouth and Children

    Partners empowers children and youth with skills to promote their rights, resolve their own conflicts peacefully, and participate in community decision-making. We build strategic partnerships with local universities and schools to educate the next generation of leaders in advocacy, tolerance and participatory decision-making processes. More...

  • Women's Empowerment

    Partners promotes the advancement of women as leaders in the civil society, government, and business sectors, and builds transnational networks to support their work. Women must be incorporated as equal partners at all levels. This commitment  has led Partners for Democratic Change (PDC) and its 18 affiliate centers in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East to mainstream gender considerations into all core technical areas, including: conflict transformation; civil society leadership and capacity building; good governance; and security sector reform. More...

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