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Economic & Environmental Sustainability

Partners works at the interface between businesses, communities, environmental groups and the government to advance both economic growth and environmental sustainability.

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We recognize that the success of democratic governance has much to do with a viable, growing, and regulated market economy; at the same time, a viable market sector owes much to a democratic, transparent governance system.  We actively engage the private sector in our programs, from local business owners setting up an anti-corruption coalition, to international corporations working with the government to ensure that royalty income is spent wisely on projects that benefit communities. 

When economic development is seen as being in competition with preserving biodiversity and environmental health, neither interest is fully served.  Partners has developed consensus-building processes to change the paradigm of confrontation between the private and public sectors to one that provides “wins” to all stakeholders in these multi-level, complex issues. 

In order to further its work in this area, Partners for Democratic Change International Network (PDCI) has joined the NGO pillar of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

Partners main areas of expertise include:

Community Engagement with Extractive Industries

Land Use & Natural Resource Management

Biodiversity & Economic Development

Partners helps communities, government and corporations craft sustainable agreements that prevent violent conflict, enhance local economic and democratic development, and protect the environment. More...

Partners mediates local and cross-border environmental disputes and strengthens citizen participation in protecting the environment, including reducing pollution and improving waste management. More...

Partners supports local sustainable initiatives that interact constructively with national contexts to build environmentally-friendly engines of economic growth. More...

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