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Civil Society Leadership & Development

A vibrant civil society includes courageous social entrepreneurs as well as the organizations, institutions and informal groups that they lead.

Dusan training Since 1989 Partners has helped build sustainable, respected local NGOs and strong civil society networks, making Partners a global leader in organizational development and coalition-building processes. We support the development of a vibrant civil society sector that can perform critical roles in supporting democratic governance: advocating for citizens' rights, providing social and charitable services, and bridging the divide between citizens and government. Our services include needs assessments, strategic planning, grant-making and tailored trainings on conflict management, organizational development, financial management, advocacy, coalition-building, and other skill sets.

  • Partners for Sustainable Leadership is Partners global model for establishing and scaling-up national, sustainable Centers on governance, rule of law, and civil society development with a focus on conflict and change management.  We work with outstanding local social entrepreneurs in transitioning countries, providing extensive training, peer-to-peer mentoring and program development support.
  • Our Cooperative Advocacy programs teach civil society organizations to build coalitions and then work collaboratively with government policy makers, business interests and other social sectors to create sustainable policy solutions, mutually beneficial social change and long-term partnerships across sectors.
  • Based on its own experience diversifying its income sources to respond to a shrinking pool of international donors, Partners-Slovakia developed an industry-leading training and consulting program in creative models of “Self-Financing for NGOs.”  This training program has helped NGOs from Slovakia to Uzbekistan strategically plan and thrive in difficult funding environments.
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