Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen (ERRY)

Community resilience depends on the ability of local institutions, networks, and individual leaders to cope with crisis. In rural Yemen, where 80 percent of Yemenis prefer to resolve local conflicts through informal justice systems, the capacity of these systems determines the community’s ability to deal with conflict peacefully. By working with existing informal networks to enhance community resilience, PartnersGlobal is able to promote local practices of dialogue and mediation, equipping leaders with the tools and resources to deal with conflicts more effectively through sustainable, nonviolent means.

PartnersGlobal, and Partners Yemen have been introducing a coordinated resilience approach that enhances the population’s ability to mitigate the many political and social conflicts they face on a daily basis. By training 20 local facilitators and 130 community leaders, the ERRY program targets participants from diverse networks in society, equipping them with the skills to facilitate conflict analysis, mediation, and negotiation within their own communities. Putting these skills into practice, the participants are organizing over 30 community dialogues to conduct their own conflict and gender analyses, and are implementing seed funding for 15 grassroots initiatives that enhance community mechanisms for addressing local conflicts and promoting social cohesion. Designed to be scalable across different regions in Yemen, the enhanced resilience approach will allow communities to expand upon existing local cultures and infrastructure to address crises at their roots, using informed practices to intervene before conflicts escalate.

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