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Partners Poland

Fundacja Partners Polska Budujemy Zrozumienie

Partners-Poland was established in 1990 to support a culture of peaceful conflict resolution and democratic decision-making. The Center specializes in providing mediation services that address diverse issues, including neighborhood, family, business, and school-based conflicts. Another facet of Partners-Poland’s work is promoting gender equality and developing leadership skills among women.  The Center also provides leadership trainings for business people and public administrators.

Partners-Poland’s programs include:

Mediation Services: Partners-Poland offers mediation services to diverse sectors and clients, providing trained, neutral third-party professionals to work with disputants to reach mutually acceptable resolutions to conflicts.  Partners-Poland has successfully mediated hundreds of family disputes involving property, divorce, child custody and care, alimony, and habitation issues. In addition, the center has mediated numerous other disputes of various kinds ranging from schoolyard fights to commercial and intra-organizational conflicts. In order to meet local needs, Partners-Poland has expanded its mediation services, and has conducted extensive outreach and educational campaigns to promote the legitimacy of mediation to governments and communities. Partners-Poland’s panel of mediators consists of 6 professionals. To view some of Partners-Poland’s mediation publications, please click here. 

Women's leadership trainingGender Equality Program: Partners-Poland promotes gender equality in the nongovernmental, media, and public sectors, with a particular focus on international programming (Partners-Poland has conducted these gender-based programs in Georgia, Kosovo, Hungary and Tajikistan). The Center delivers trainings and seminars for women leaders, NGOs and civil servants in developing media and publicity campaigns and promoting awareness of gender equality policies in the EU. This work is an integral part of establishing equal participation of men and women in the public sphere, and ultimately of promoting and strengthening democratic processes internationally.

Leadership and Decision-Making Training Programs: Partners-Poland prioritizes the development of a leadership approach among business and public administrators as an important facet of economic development. Partners-Poland offers decision-making trainings to business and public administrators at all management levels. These initiatives contribute to the establishment of a democratically-oriented business sector in Poland, promoting the overall economic development and stability of the country.

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Center Profile

Local Name: Fundacja Partners Polska Budujemy Zrozumienie
Director: Maciej Tański
Center Since: 1990
Contact Information:
ul. Dobra 22/24 Suite 15 Warsaw, Poland-00388
Tel./Fax: (48-22) 825 40 83, 409 53 83
Mediation Website:

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