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Partners for Democratic Change International

Partners for Democratic Change International (PDCI) is an association of 19 independent, local Centers worldwide that work to advance civil society, good governance and a culture of conflict and change management. From its incorporation in 2006, PDCI has recognized the importance of mutually beneficial, cooperative peer networks as a tool to improve democracy and human rights, inclusive development and citizen-government relations across the globe. Read more about this innovative mechanism for cooperation at PDCI's website. The secretariat office and staff of PDCI are located in Brussels to enhance communication and expand contacts with European Union (EU) institutions, global organizations and the NGO community worldwide.

PDCI Meeting in Peru 2012

PDCI's five core functions include.

  • PDCI Network Communication

The Secretariat facilitates communication within the network of PDC affiliate Centers, and conducts outreach with donors and potential donors, PDCI members and other partner organizations, prospective partners and governments, as well as the general public.

  • Regional Cooperation

PDCI organizes bi-annual Directors’ Meetings at which member Centers provide updates on their activities, identify joint challenges and opportunities, and brainstorm regional initiatives.

  • Research and Policy Analysis

PDCI conducts policy research on peacebuilding and international development cooperation, as well as civil society participation in governance processes under the European Commission-funded Initiative for Peacebuilding (IFP). The Secretariat also regularly provides input on policy and position papers as part of EU-wide civil society networks. PDCI is a member of the Human Rights and Democracy Network (HRDN) of mainly Brussels-based NGOs. This association ensures PDCI representation in the Civil Society Contact Group, a coalition of NGO networks and platforms seeking to partner with and influence European institutions. PDCI also recently joined the EPLO, the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office, a network of over 20 NGOs working on peace and conflict issues, and sharing an interest in promoting peacebuilding and conflict management policies among European Union decisionmakers.

  • Advocacy and Outreach

PDCI engages in policy and advocacy work at the EU level related to democracy, peacebuilding, human rights and civil society participation. Through the research networks described above, PDCI engages in legislative advocacy towards the European Parliament,  focusing on the EU’s financial instruments for promoting democracy and human rights, and increasing financing for civil society activities.

  • Projects

The PDCI Secretariat promotes peacebuilding and civil society capacity by implementing regional activities with Partners network members. Ongoing and recent projects include:

PDCI Meeting in Amman- April 2012

 PDCI April 2012 Meeting in Amman, Jordan

The Brussels PDCI hub also recently conducted a project in which mediators attempted to establish peace building skills in the Tripoli and Akkar regions of Lebanon in order to prevent conflict and build a peaceful society. To read the project report, click here.

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