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Partners Global Affiliates

The global network of Partners affiliates are independent and locally staffed, managed and registered organizations committed to advancing civil society and a culture of change and conflict management. Each Center provides a range of services to local, regional and international communities. By adapting and acculturating Partners' skills and processes and developing unique specializations, the Centers meet the diverse and specific needs of their constituencies. 

Working Group

Each Center, along with Partners in the US, is a member of Partners for Democratic Change International (PDCI), a partnership committed to building the capacity, cooperation and sustainability of all members. The PDCI network develops and strengthens Centers through sharing expertise and resources internally, and mobilizing experienced trainers from existing Centers to build new Centers' training, application and organizational development capacities. Network members work with civil society, government, business and other sectors to address a range of issues, including good governance, citizen participation, economic development, civil society building, minority rights, women and youth leadership, the environment and public safety. Each PDCI member shares Partners' mission and a common set of basic programs:

  • Training leaders from the NGO, government and private sectors in effective change management and conflict prevention and resolution skills and processes
  • Training trainers in a broad range of change and conflict management and training skills
  • Building consensus in communities and resolving contentious local issues through providing services such as mediation, facilitation, conciliation and cooperative planning
  • Promoting public policies that recognize and legitimize the use of mediation and citizen participation processes
  • Introducing the study of change and conflict management in universities and schools, through course development, lectures, publications and academic programs


Document Actions
Youth as Peacemakers in Tribal Yemen

Supporting young men and women in Yemen to realize their potential as conflict mediators, advocates, and community leaders.

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One Year in the Voluntary Principles: A Practical Report

After one year as a member of the NGO pillar of the Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights, PDCI shares a report on how we have been helping translate high-level dialogue between extractive businesses, governments, and civil society into concrete improvements for local communities.

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In Memoriam- Amb. Samuel Lewis

Partners would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Ambassador Samuel W. Lewis. Sam served on our board for 14 years and was a big part of our growth and success. He was always a voice for caution and realism and made us think about our work and programs critically. He will be missed greatly.

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