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Partners-Georgia Center for Change and Conflict Management

Since 1996, Partners-Georgia has served more than 13,000 people from various target groups such as the following: local and international NGOs; governmental agencies and local government entities; minorities, youth, community and women leaders; mass media and the private sector. Partners-Georgia works throughout the South Caucasus Region to promote the inclusion of all peoples in decision-making processes and tolerance among divided groups.

Partners-Georgia’s Main Areas of Expertise

Civil Society Development Programs: Partners-Georgia supports the development of an active civil society. Specifically, Partners-Georgia works to strengthen CSO-based advocacy and increase the institutional capacity of CSOs. Examples of current work in this area include capacity building for Shida Kartli CSOs and public schools in cooperation with Partners-Polska Foundation, teamwork skills building for the board of trustees in more than 75 schools through the British Petroleum's (BP) Small Grants to Schools program, and country-wide diversity management training to CSOs and empowerment leadership trainings to Kvemo Kartli national minority groups through the USAID-funded National Integration and Tolerance program in Georgia (NITG).

Human and Institutional Capacity Building (HICD) Services: Partners-Georgia focuses on providing targeted interventions to address performance gaps within institutions that are coping with changing economic, political, and social systems.  In cooperation with World Learning/FORECAST Georgia, Partners-Georgia works to introduce comprehensive and integrated packages of cross-cutting HICD services.   With a primary focus on individual and organizational performance improvement, Partners-Georgia's approach aims to identify and address performance gaps within public, private, and CSOs involved in implementing and/or facilitating programmatic reforms in Georgia.  Since 2007 Partners-Georgia's work has benefited Tbilisi State University (TSU) and the National Evaluation and Assessment Center (NEAC).  Current activities include technical assistance to the Ministry for Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia (MRA), the Municipal Finance Officers Association (MFOA), and the Municipal Service Providers Association (MSPA).

Youth Training Youth Development Programs: Encouraging youth to engage in democracy building in Georgia is a crucial facet of Partners-Georgia’s work. Partners-Georgia believes that when youth embrace this role, they will constitute a powerful force for democracy and stabilization, and become leaders in their communities. Through this effort, youth will help to improve socio-economic conditions close to home. Partners-Georgia works to build youth leadership capacities at schools, train teachers in alternative teaching methodologies, conflict resolution, and advocacy, as well as prepare students for the  job market and higher education.

Capacity-Building for Businesses: Partners-Georgia builds the customer service and human resource management of corporate clients, which include local and international TBC Bank trainingbanks. In addition, Partners-Georgia provides a variety of trainings and contracted services including the following: customer relations and effective sales; communication with citizens; effective service delivery for marginalized groups; recruitment through interviewing; personnel motivation; and participatory planning to key leaders in the private sector.

Elected & Appointed Government Officials: Partners-Georgia provides training and facilitation services for government agencies and officials in topics such as effective communication with citizens, local leadership, and conflict management and negotiation. Most recently, Partners-Georgia's activities consist of capacity building for civil servants and local authorities of municipalities and the governor's office of the Kvemo Kartli region, publication of a "Local Leadership Pocket Book," and a series of customer service trainings for the Citizens' Service Centers at Tbilisi and Rustavi City Halls.

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Director: Sofiko Shubladze
Center since: 1996
Contact Information:
11b, Phaliashvili Street, Tbilisi, 0179
Tel: (995-32)91-54-52

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