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Partners Colombia

Partners Colombia Por El Cambio Democrático

Bogota Partners Colombia is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in Bogotá, Colombia that promotes the strengthening of institutions and civil society and peaceful coexistence, applying change management methodologies and conflict management, through the promotion of human rights, democracy, justice, participation, environmental protection, management and business advisory. Our areas of action are:

Institutional Strengthening

Promote institutional strengthening in the public and private sectors by applying methodologies that advance good governance, transparency, public policy processes, conflict resolution, and consensus building.

Justice and Democracy

Promote understanding and respect for human rights and the rule of law, through legal education and community and social awareness programs, and through advocating for policy and legal reforms using conflict resolution techniques.


Under this area of action, Partners Colombia has initiated the program "Strengthening the rights of the Wayúu".  This program promotes access to traditional and formal justice systems for the indigenous Wayúu population. 

Social and Economic Development

Bolster social and economic development in all sectors by supporting advanced planning and execution of proposals. Also advance development by promoting and strengthening social networks, citizen monitoring groups, environmental and gender awareness advocates, and citizen participation.

Consultancy Services

Provide services including institution building and development, strategic planning, program evaluation, technical assistance, training for leaders and managers, and facilitation for consensus-building.

To find out more about Partners Colombia's recent activities, please see: Partners Colombia's September 2010 update.

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Center Profile

Local Name: Partners Colombia Por El Cambio Democrático
Director: Oscar Gaitan
Center since: 2009
Contact Information:
Calle 71 No. 5 – 41 Ofic. 401
Bogotá, Colombia
Tel: (571) 210 3269 or (571) 255 1307
Fax: (571) 255 1320

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