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Education for Peace (E4P) Project launched by Parceiros Brasil

Parceiros Brasil recently launched a new conflict resolution program in 10 public schools in Rio de Janeiro to reduce violence and develop students’ problem-solving skills.


The Education for Peace (E4P) Project was developed in partnership with the Municipal Secretariat of Education of Rio de Janeiro and is sponsored by Petrobras and the Instituto HSBC Solidariedade and supported by the US Consulate in Rio de Janeiro. The goal is to reduce violence and develop students’ problem-solving skills, which improves the learning environment and helps prepare responsible citizens, the workforce of tomorrow. This will involve directly 106 teachers from 10 public schools and approximately 1,850 students in the first year. The E4P may be used as a pilot for public policy on education, incorporating conflict resolution skills in all public schools in the Municipality of Rio.


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