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Parceiros Brasil – Centro de Processos Colaborativos

Brasil Parceiros Brasil was founded in 2009 through the Partners for Sustainable Leadership Initiative. Parceiros Brasil is committed to advancing a culture of collaborative, inclusive and participatory decision making processes.

Parceiros Brasil operates as an independent and neutral civil society organization, and is characterized by its drive to provide innovative and effective methodologies to promote sustainable solutions among all sectors in the Brazilian society: communities, companies and government. Parceiros Brasil works in the areas of: peacebuilding; sustainable social and economic development; environmental protection; rule of law; and promoting awareness about human rights and responsibilities.

In 2012, Parceiros Brasil implemented their successful "Education for Peace" (E4P) Project, in which the organization worked in partnership with the Department of Education of the City of Rio de Janeiro and with the sponsorship of Petrobas and the Instituto HSBC Solidariedade to implement more than 700 hours of activities in ten elementary and middle schools in the most violent areas of Rio. These activities included a wide range of themes, including raising the awareness of local communities to the presence of the project and conflict resolution training. These events involved both teachers and students and even developed peer mediators in five of the schools.

Parceiros Brasil is currently focusing on:

-Corporate conflict resolution involving business mediation, work-place mediation, governance and multi-stakeholder processes.

-Peace-building efforts involving youth through school mediation programs, community programs and police-community relationship.

Parceiros BrasilBrazil Training envisions a Brazil where all citizens are empowered to engage in building a sustainable society, and where each one embraces its share of rights and responsibilities, to the benefit of all.

Prior to the creation of the Center, Partners worked with Brazilian non-profit organizations (ISER and Viva Rio) on the Catalyst for Democratic Change project to build a training curriculum which is now being implemented in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela.

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Center Profile

Local Name: Parceiros Brasil – Centro de Processos Colaborativos
Center since: 2010
Director: Gabriela Asmar
Mobile: +55-21-8105-7475
Skype: gabriela020906

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