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Participation & Consensus-Building

Meaningful participation is essential for solutions to be sustainable.  We teach and mentor people in the skills they need to participate in decisions and design solutions that affect their lives. Where there are gaps preventing cooperation between government, civil society and the private sector, we bring people together and help them build platforms for constructive dialogue at the individual, organizational, local community and national levels.

Three important participation processes we use are:


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More on Participation
Community Police Reform in Guinea

Partners for Security in Guinea aims to improve trust and cooperation between police and community members – also known as improving “citizen security” – by strengthening the overall community-focused services of the Guinea National Police (GNP).

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Community-Based Approaches to Transitional Justice in Yemen

Supporting local reconciliation processes through community-based approaches that explore the intersections between informal, traditional, and formal justice mechanisms.

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Access Nigeria and Access Sierra Leone

We support national and international partners in building more accountable institutions in Nigeria and Sierra Leone by improving government and judicial transparency and preventing impunity for those who engage in corruption and transnational organized crime.

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