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Leadership & Change Management Methods

  • Creating Sustainable Organizations

    For the past two decades Partners has been preparing social entrepreneurs to serve as directors of Partners Centers in their own countries. Partners' ensures that the independent Centers achieve sustainability within three years by developing diverse streams of Center revenue based on a detailed assessment of their countries' needs for change and conflict management services.  The Partners Network of successful Centers mentors and supports the new Centers as they develop a staff of local profesJordan Launchsionals and begin offering programs, products, services, and training and consulting expertise. Partners experience building our global Network of Centers gives us the knowledge to assist other civil society organizations with the challenges of organizational change and growth. 

  • Change Management Techniques

    Evolving democratic systems quickly generate far-reaching and complex changes – beyond the substantial challenges of writing and passing laws – with repercussions for how people do things across the country, from within households to the national level. Individuals, companies, civil society and governments often feel that they are at the mercy of a rapidly changing context, and face new responsibilities without the skills or knowledge to successfully manage them.  Change Management helps create a clear and strategic process for coping with constant and unpredictable change.  It uses a coordinated mix of  participatory processes to engage all relevant parties in sustained dialogue, decision-making and mutually beneficial change. Partners equips individuals and groups with the analytical and process skills they need to initiate and manage changes facing their societies or organizations,and to do so peacefully and effectively.

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