PartnersGlobal takes a long-term approach to our investment in countries and relationships wherever we work.. Our role as international civil society is to continually empower local leaders to create culturally appropriate and sustainable solutions to problems that affect them directly, linking those efforts to global actors and platforms for systemic change. By investing in and working with the autonomous, independent local organizations who make up the Partners Network, we are with them in authentic partnership to jointly build just, inclusive, and democratic societies. With a commitment to capacity building, civil society effectiveness and collaboration, we are helping to sustain local leaders with a global community of practice, an amplified voice and the ability to transfer skills to the next generation of local leaders.

To that end, we work continuously to cultivate an ever-expanding global network of partners that share our values and ability to apply sophisticated collaboration skills to tackle complex societal problems. By leveraging the expertise of all our partners to apply needed skills and implement new programs, we are actively disseminating the tools to manage change, prevent and resolve conflict, build consensus, increase citizen participation, and much more. In this way, PartnersGlobal operates differently than other development organizations; we invest in affiliate centers with a shared brand and an on-going commitment to each other beyond any one project. This commitment ensures that the best solutions are created by people who have to live with them, and that sustainable peace is achieved by long-lasting partnerships.

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With a long history of programs, affiliate centers, and local partners in over 50 countries on five continents, Partners’ work is truly global. We work with businesses, national and local governments,, civil society organizations, and other actors to foster democratic change across a broad spectrum of sectors, and our expertise applies to areas as diverse as Good Governance, Civil Society Strengthening, Building Inclusive Societies, and Environmental and Economic Sustainability.

Building cooperative relationships with a diverse range of local actors is the bedrock of our methodologies. Every affiliate center is independent and self-managing, but each center draws on a pool of collective knowledge and experience that they can apply and tailor to their unique context. Trust and respect are the glue that holds the Partners Network together, and the Partners’ Way has proven to be successful across the globe, from human rights protection in Yemen to conflict resolution with the mining industry in Latin America to anti-discrimination campaigns in Europe and strengthening security sector accountability in West Africa.

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