Our work in Latin America varies broadly. Emphases include sustainable resource management; business and human rights; access to justice; municipal governance;  indigenous rights; citizen security; youth violence prevention; and extractive industry dialogue.

Local Partners

affiliatesPartnersGlobal has six Affiliate Centers and many deep partnerships with other local organizations throughout Latin America. All our local partners are locally lead and dedicated to building bridges in their country and throughout the region. This strong sub-network of PartnersGlobal joins together to protect the civic space for civil society activism, promote multi-sector dialogue for sustainable development, and ensure more inclusive and just societies.

In Depth

Ending Land Disputes in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

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In Depth

Partners Supports Private Sector Mediation

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Fostering Peace and Transforming Conflict, One Barrio at a Time

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LAC corruption

Islands of Integrity

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