Economic & Enviromental Sustainability

When economic development is seen as being in competition with preserving biodiversity and environmental health, neither interest is fully served. PartnersGlobal works with local and international partners to ensure both economic and natural resources are used in a sustainable way, but our success is rooted in the belief that confrontation between environmental and economic progress can be peacefully negotiated in a way that benefits everyone.

Private Sector Partnerships

PartnersGlobal is a recognized leader in spurring productive relationships between civil society and businesses, representing the sector in several global platforms, collaborating with chambers of commerce and partnering with individual companies.

  • The leadership of PartnersGlobal actively participates in the UN Global Compact platforms as an NGO partner. We provide expert support in stakeholder engagement for the Business for Peace local networks, promote anti-corruption and rule of law best practices, and help facilitate corporate engagement on the SDGs.
  • The Partners Network serves on the International Secretariat and as a member of the NGO pillar of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.
  • PartnersGlobal regularly works with individual companies like General Electric, BhP Billiton, Caterpillar and TOMS to provide services, community investment, and thought leadership on social causes.
  • We leverage our private sector networks to make linkages between our local civil society partners and private sector actors in all countries where we work.

Natural Resource Management

  • PartnersGlobal helps the extractive industry, communities and government craft sustainable agreements that prevent violent conflict, enhance local economic and democratic development, and protect the environment.
  • The Partners Network mediates local and cross-border environmental disputes and strengthens citizen participation in protecting the environment, including reducing pollution and improving waste management.


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