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Conflict Resolution Strategies in Tribal Communities

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Some of the most entrenched, violent and complex conflicts can be found within tribal communities, which require particular strategies and consideration for conflict practitioners. The Partners for Democratic Change local Centers in Kosovo and Yemen, both have extensive experience intervening in tribal conflicts that involve blood feuds and other intractable inter- and intra-tribal conflicts.  The United States Institute of Peace's Sudan Program Officer Jon Temin facilitated a discussion on the theory and practice of conflict resolution in tribal communities.




Nadwa Al-Dawsari, Director, Partners-Yemen

Nadwa Al Dawsari is the director of Partners Yemen. Nadwa is a dedicated professional with background tackling the problem of tribal conflicts in her country. She is a Conflict Management trainer who has overseen numerous US-funded projects to mitigate conflict in remote and difficult tribal areas in Yemen. During the last 4 years, Nadwa intensievly led programs in tribal areas where she worked directly with tribal leaders, local CSOs, CBOs, women, youth, religious leaders, corporations as well as local authorities to help analyzing conflicts and establishing sustainable structures and systems to manage conflicts. With a high sensitivity to the specific and unique context of conflict in Yemen, Nadwa engaged leaders, people and institutions in tribal areas in collaborative activities which help reviving and strengthening existing informal traditional conflict prevention practices while also introducing modern tools to help strengthening the role of local NGOs and institutions in preventing and mitigating conflicts.  Nadwa is a skilled trainer who has worked for US and international donors as well as implementors and in doing so has successfully reached out to the Yemeni government and citizenry. Additionally she is an expert in desiging and delivering Conflict Management, Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Budgeting, Fundraising and Proposal Writing and NGO Management trainings


Shukrie Gashi, Director, Partners-Kosovo: Center for Conflict Management

Ms. Shukrije Gashi serves as Director of Partners-Kosovo: Center for Conflict Management.  In 2001, Ms. Gashi founded the Center as a non governmental organization committed to advancing civil society and promoting mediation and a culture of conflict resolution in Kosovo.  She is one of Kosovo’s leading conflict resolution and mediation training specialists.  Ms. Gashi has led Partners-Kosovo to positively impact hundreds of people in communities throughout Kosovo through the implementation of numerous mediation and conflict resolution programs.  Under her leadership, Partners- Kosovo has pioneered the drafting of new government laws and regulations, such as Kosovo Mediation Law and Code of Ethics and the Regulations for Kosovo Civil Servants, both of which were passed into law.  Through Partners-Kosovo, Ms. Gashi collaborates with the Partners for Democratic Change International Network on a range of program design, strategic planning, and fundraising initiatives, and coordinates with the network on training programs, NGO and municipal government capacity building, women’s programs, and mediation services.




Julia Roig, J.D., Executive Director, Partners for Democratic Change

Ms. Roig is responsible for the overall development and strategic planning of Partners’ network, as well as the management of Partners’ staff and global programming.  She provides technical leadership on the development of new Centers and other new program development, and maintains relationships with key counterparts and donors.

Ms. Roig joined Partners after significant field experience in the Balkans and Latin America managing various Rule of Law and Conflict Resolution development programs.  She is an experienced mediator, facilitator, systems designer and trainer; and has specialized expertise in international project evaluation and program assessments.  Ms. Roig currently serves on the editorial board of Conflict Resolution Quarterly, and has written extensively on international conflict resolution and mediation program management.  She began her legal career as a mediation program manager for the D.C. Courts, and then as ADR Specialist for the U.S. Office of Special Council.  Ms. Roig holds a J.D. from The George Washington University.


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