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Celebrating 20 Years of Partners

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Thank you making Partners for Democratic Change 20th Anniversary Innovations for Tomorrow events a success!
Innovations for Tomorrow convened practitioners and academics from the field for an in-depth series of seminar-style workshops. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (November 9, 10 and 12), Partners co-hosted 3 workshops each morning and afternoon with major development organizations and policy institutions. Leading practitioners from around the world presented innovations, best practices and sage expertise in a number of diverse and important sectors.

Innovations for Tomorrow concluded with the invite-only Innovations for Tomorrow Conference, co-sponsored by the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) on Friday, November 13.

Click on the workshop title below for more information.

November 9
November 10
November 12

Are We Having an Impact? Evaluating Democracy and Governance Programs

co-hosted by International Republican Institute

Investment Climate and the Rule of Law - Role of Mediation in Creating the Change?

by the International Finance Corporation

Creating Structures for Peace and Justice: Experiences from Colombia and Beyond

co-hosted by United States Institute of Peace

Involving the Citizen in Building the New Europe

co-hosted by the European Commission

Peace Building, Development and Networks

co-hosted by USAID Office of Conflict Management
and Mitigation

Civic Monitoring: A Role for Citizens to Promote Transparency
and Improved Decision Making

co-hosted by Interaction

Achieving Sustainable Organizations for On-going

co-hosted by the Conflict Prevention and Resolution Forum

Strategies for Building Political Support to Expand the reach of EITI to New Countries: Can Civil Society Play a Role?

co-hosted by Revenue Watch

Raising the Bar: Deepening Normative Frameworks for Election Assistance and Applying these Lessons Learned to other Areas of Democracy Assistance

co-hosted by National Democratic Institute

Conflict Resolution Strategies in Tribal Communities

co-hosted by United States Institute of Peace

Security Sector Engagement for Peaceful Democracy-Building
in West Africa

co-hosted by National Endowment for Democracy

Minorities and Marginalized Communities in
Central and Eastern Europe

co-hosted by National Endowment for Democracy

Models for Effective Leadership: Connectivity and Change Management

co-hosted by the World Bank Institute

Building Successful Corporate Partnerships for Sustainable Development

co-hosted by USAID Global Development Alliance

Lessons Learned
Since the fall of the Wall

co-hosted by National Endowment for Democracy

How to Build Successful Coalitions to Achieve Difficult Development Goals

co-hosted by the Center for Strategic International Studies

A Common Commitment to  Democracy in the Americas
to Confront Current Challenges: a Renewed Importance of the Inter-American Democratic Charter

co-hosted by Inter-American Dialogue

How to Manage Environmental Conflict in the Face of Climate Change

co-hosted by Woodrow Wilson Center for
International Scholars

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