Strategy Development

The members of our global Network have considerable experience facilitating and building capacity in strategic planning for a wide range of clients

Linked to our expertise in organizational development, PartnersGlobal supports the participatory elaboration of a Strategic Plan through an organizational diagnostic, stakeholder analysis, development of organizational vision and mission, design of concrete objectives and strategies that then translate into action planning. Our interventions on strategy prioritize broad input and buy-in, creating focused objectives linked to a clearly defined mission, with actionable steps to achieve the organization’s goals.

Illustrative Clients:

  • Senior facilitators from PartnersGlobal and Partners Colombia facilitated a strategic planning retreat for a diverse coalition of civil society organizations and private sector in El Salvador, Aliados por la Democracia, supported by the Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce.
  • PartnersGlobal was hired by Rotary International to conduct a global review of their Academic Peace Centers and Fellowship Program to make recommendations for future strategic priorities, and to increase their impact on peacebuilding scholarship.


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