Stakeholder Engagement

Complex decision-making over limited resources, values-based conflicts, or other governance challenges can be complicated, and requires trusting relationships that are best built through open and inclusive dialogue.

That’s why our Stakeholder Engagement processes bring together business, civil society, and government leaders to discuss, share, listen, and cooperate to address issues of common concern respectfully and in context. In this way, stakeholders can resolve conflicts, and agree on actions that are mutually beneficial.

Partners and our Affiliate Centers can draw on expertise across the Partners Network to understand conflict dynamics, define sector-focused or cross-sector initiatives, and identify who, what, when, and how stakeholders can best contribute to effective stakeholder engagement.

Illustrative Clients:

  • The British Columbia Treaty Commission hired PartnersGlobal to conduct a diagnostic and provide expert advice on stakeholder engagement during the treaty ratification process within First Nations communities.
  • The United Nations Global Compact contracted PartnersGlobal to design a toolkit on Stakeholder Engagement for the private sector members of the Business for Peace platform.
  • Working with Barrick Gold in the Dominican Republic, the PartnersGlobal team helped to engage a network of local women’s rights organizations to design and implement domestic violence prevention programming in the communities surrounding the company’s operations.


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