Facilitation, Meditation & Dialogue Processes

Working collaboratively and creating the conditions for effective participation are two cornerstones of the Partners’ Way, and our Facilitation and Process Design services are a core aspect of our mission.

From an initial assessment of the issues, to bringing stakeholders together, to mediating conflicts as they arise and monitoring the implementation of solutions, our methodology and trained facilitators are proven to achieve results for issues as diverse and contentious as land-use disputes and dialogues on minority rights.

Pathways to Sustainable Mediation

Mediation is an important factor to advancing the rule of law and improving access to justice, helping to promote peaceful and inclusive societies, and contributing to a stable business operating environment. To establish new mediation programs, often the focus has been on training quality mediators, building the physical infrastructure where mediations can take place, and passing new legislation that allows for mediation within the legal system. All of these efforts have been important building blocks to establishing the field; however, many mediation advocates find themselves wondering why there is not more demand for this important service.

With these challenges in mind, PartnersGlobal collaborated with the JAMS Foundation to design a curriculum for sophisticated mediation promoters to go beyond strengthening the supply side of mediation, to rather focus on thinking strategically and systemically about their ability to build long-term (sustainable) mediation programs in their own contexts. Our training and coaching program is intended to provide a space for personal reflection and inspiration for the many committed and professional Mediation Promoters working to embed mediation and promote a culture of peaceful and efficient dispute resolution – whether at the community level, within the court system or through private/commercial mediation. Click here to learn more.

Illustrative Clients:

  • Together with our affiliate in Dakar, PartnersGlobal convened a coalition of civil society, extractive companies and government institutions in Senegal to support adoption of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI).
  • The World Bank contracted a team of PartnersGlobal facilitators to convene and facilitate a broad coalition of local civil society organizations in Mauritania to work with the national government to develop a national anti-corruption plan.


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