Conflict & Risk Assessment

PartnersGlobal is dedicated to working at the intersection of the civic, public, and private sectors to ensure solutions that reflect multiple and diverse points of view.

Our work includes assessment of the in-country capacity to manage peaceful change and promote democratic processes. Painting a comprehensive picture of complex systems requires intimate and wide-ranging knowledge of the local landscape, so Partners employs diverse methods including engaging stakeholders; analyzing conflict drivers; identifying opportunities for impactful intervention; setting expectations for operating in countries in transition; following local best practices; and more.

Illustrative Clients:

  • Partners conducted a broad country assessment in Peru for BhP Billiton to determine existing conflict resolution capacity within civil society and to develop an investment strategy to strengthen local conflict management skills and platforms.
  • PartnersGlobal brokered the relationship between a big data firm, UN agencies and a network of local NGOs to collect real-time data on prices and food security in Yemen.


The Intersection of Politics and Civil Society in Albania: Collaborative Policy to Support the Sector is Possible

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Conflict Management Training: A Transformative Vehicle for Transitional Democracies

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2012 Annual Report

Partners Annual Report 2012

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